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Level 1 Scuba Diver

Level 1 Scuba Diver training is intended for people who want to learn about scuba diving.

No level of practice is required.

Technical Training Manual (French only) : Level 1 Scuba Diver

Accessible to all from 14 years minimum, the training takes place on 6 sessions at sea which will allow you to acquire the skills necessary to evolve up to 20 meters of depth, under the direction of a qualified Dive Master


Depending on the date of your internship, your internship will be

  • 5 consecutive days, one session per day and two sessions on one or more days
  • 3 consecutive days at a rate of two sessions per day.


The Level 1 scuba diver must have the skills that allow him to evolve in the 20 meter zone under the guidance of an authorized supervisor.

He must be able to support himself in terms of equipment and safety.

The Level 1 scuba diver learns to evolve in a new world of which it must integrate the peculiarities by adapting it so that the diving remains a leisure activity.


  • Use your equipment: Have equipment, equip yourself, plan and monitor your stock of air, rinse and store your equipment, ...
  • Behaviors and technical gestures on the surface: techniques of launching, of kicks, ...
  • Immersions and return to the surface: Immersion technique, immersion support, use of the BCD, ...
  • Master of ventilation in diving: learn to breathe on a regulator, to empty his mask, initiation to apnea, ...
  • Reactions to usual situations: signs of communication under water, knowing how to evolve in a small group (called a palanquée), acquiring notions of security, mutual supervision, ...
  • Basic notions of theory directly related to practice.

The price of the internship includes:

  • The 6 training sessions,
  • All diving equipment ((diving bottle, regulator, wetsuit, fins, mask, snorkel, stabilizing vest and belt with its ballast).
  • Federal license FFESSM
  • The dive log
  • The diving passport


Diving level map not included (12€)


This training program is updated regularly according to the requirements of the Technical Training Manual of the FFESSM.

To celebrate your new patent, the CAP offers you a formula of 2 recreational dives for 60€, equipment included!

At the end of this level, it is recommended to dive regularly before going to another level of diving.

Conditions of application

  • At least 14 years of age - authorization of the legal guardian for young people under 18 years old. cloud down icon Download Autorizsation
  • Be in possession of a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of underwater diving established for less than a year
  • Full paiement of the training program

Price List

matériel à disposition / licence et adhésion CAP obligatoires, fournitures fédérales non incluses.

material available / license and membership CAP required, federal supplies not included.

Stage Niveau 1 (à partir de 14 ans)

Level 1 Basic Scuba (14 years onward) diving course


Stage Niveau 1 + 2 plongées exploration

Level 1 Basic Scuba (14 years onward) diving course and 2 recreational dives



carte CMASS/FFESSM : justificatif délivré lors de la certification de votre niveau

CMASS/FFESSM : receipt issued during the validation of you level


Fournitures fédérales : carnet de plongée + passeport + pochette zippée  

Federal supplies: dive log + passport + zipped pocket 



* This rate includes: 6 technical sessions, the federal license, a passport and a dive log, the Level 1 map and all the diving equipment (block, regulator, wetsuit, fins, mask, snorkel and stabilizing vest) .

the level 1 map CMASS/FFESSEM not included.

In case of cancellation, you must notify the C.A.P. as soon as possible and send  as soon as possible a medical certificate, work stoppage or any documents justifying the care you have received.

In case of abandonment during the internship, the full amount will be retained at the Center and in no case the paid amount will be refunded.

Tarif de l'adhésion à l'association CAP / Price of membership in the association

Le C.A.P. est une Association régie par la loi de 1901.                                   

L’adhésion est de ce fait obligatoire. Elle est par personne et par an de :

The CAP Diving Centre is a non-profit organisation according by the french law of 1901.

Membership is therefore mandatory. Per person per year                                                                                    


Calendar et Online booking/registration

To register, click on the title of the training session and click on the appropriate button Button event registration

Payment is by check, there is no payment online.

Download a parental autorisation for Minors : parental autorisation

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