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Level 3 Scuba Diver

You wish to evolve in autonomy between divers of the same prerogatives or you plan in the future to pass the diploma of Dive Master, then come and join us on one of our training of scuba diver level 3.

The varied seabed of TREBEURDEN are perfectly adapted for this training.

As a level 3 scuba diver, you will have the skills to evolve autonomously up, with other level 3 bodies,  to 60 meters deep according to certain conditions defined in the French Sport Code.


Technical Training Manual (French only) :   Level 3 Scuba Diver


Level 3 training takes place over 10 days, from Monday to Friday each week.

The intermediate Sunday of the two weeks is a day devoted to a very beneficial rest.

Your training can be shortened if you have already validated some of the practical skills: it is possible to follow only part of the course, allowing to finalize the training already acquired. Take advice from our educational manager, he will take into account your knowledge and build with you your training.

The CAP Diving Centre offers you to associate your Level 3 internship with Nitrox training, at a preferential rate.

Skills developed during your internship

  • Use his equipment and that of other divers: be autonomous in planning the use of his personal equipment and that of other divers of his team, seamanship, maintenance, ...
  • Behavior and technical gestures on the surface: Launching from a boat, equipping and undocking in the water or on board, swimming with the diving suit, etc.
  • Immersion and return to surface up to 40 meters: Techniques of immersion and descent up to 40 meters, control of the speed of ascent, control of a bearing in all circumstances, ...
  • Mastering the ventilation in dive in the space of evolution: Control of the ventilation, the balance and the propulsion, release and recovery of the regulator, emptying of mask, control of the use of the stabilizing jacket and the lung- ballast, ... ...
  • React to possible situations up to 40 meters: Communication, reaction to air failure, shortness of breath, ...
  • Autonomy in deep space: Checks and controls before departure, organization and evolution under water, orientation techniques during dive, ...
  • Theoretical knowledge: causes, symptoms and prevention of diving accidents, regulation, use of dive computers and dive tables MN 90, dive planning for several decompression protocols, ...

This training program is updated regularly according to the requirements of the Technical Training Manual of the FFESSM.

Conditions of application

  • Hold a valid FFESSM license
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Hold Level 2 Scuba Diver Diploma
  • Hold the First Aid Diving Option (R.I.F.A. Plongée). If you do not own it, you can book a First Aid training cession at CAP Diving Centre.
  • To present a medical certificate for the practice of underwater diving established since less than one year, on the date of the beginning of the internship

Price List

Tarifs Stage Niveau 3 / Level 3 Advanced Scuba diving course

Stage Niveau 3 (à partir de 18 ans) – matériel de plongée non fourni, sauf le bloc

Level 3 Advanced Scuba (18 years onward) diving course - Diving equipment excluded but scuba tank


Stage Niveau 3 Pratique avec théorie acquise– matériel de plongée non fourni, sauf le bloc

Level 3 Advanced Scuba diving course - Practice with acquired theory

Diving equipment excluded but scuba tank


Nitrox élémentaire en cours de stage

Basic Nitrox diving course during traininig


RIFAP au cours du stage

First Aid Scuba Diving (RIFAP) during the stage


Forfait pour chaque matériel pour la durée du stage par jour 

Rental rate for each diving equipment for the duration of the Scuba diving course by day



/ jour  

Forfait ordinateur pour la durée du stage par jour 

Rental rate for a diving computer for the duration of the Scuba diving course by day


/ jour  


carte CMASS/FFESSM : justificatif délivré lors de la certification de votre niveau

 CMASS/FFESSM card : receipt issued during the validation of your level



Une caution de 200 € / article vous sera demandée pour toute location. A deposit of € 200 / item will be required for any rental.


Tarif de l'adhésion à l'association CAP / Price of membership in the association

Le C.A.P. est une Association régie par la loi de 1901.                                   

L’adhésion est de ce fait obligatoire. Elle est par personne et par an de :

The CAP Diving Centre is a non-profit organisation according by the french law of 1901.

Membership is therefore mandatory. Per person per year                                                                                    


This rate includes the Scuba Tank; missing equipment can be rented on site (wetsuit, regulator, stabilizing jacket).

Trainees must have their own equipment for control of nitrogen decompression (computer or timer + watch).

This price includes the diving tank; missing equipment can be rented on site.

location dans le cadre d'une plongée CAP et par plongée / rental as part of a CAP dive and per dive

 Bloc (gonflage compris)​ Air / Scuba tank (Filled) Air 4,60€  
 Bloc (gonflage compris)​ NITROX  Scuba tank (Filled) Nitrox 8,70€  
 Détendeur / regulator 4,60€  
Gilet stabilisateur / Stabilising jacket 4,60€  
Combinaison / Diving Suit 4,60€  
ceinture et plombs  2,00€  
Combinaison étanche / Dry Diving Suit 8,50€  
Palmes + masque + tuba / Palms, mask and snorkel 4,60€  
Ordinateur / Diving Computer 8,50€  


Par matériel pour la durée d'un stage par jour / By material for the training period by day 7,00€   /jours  
Sac complet (4 articles) pour la durée d'un stage maxi 13 jours                                              Full Bag (4 products) for the training period max 13 days 180,00€ 
Ordinateur pour la durée d'un stage par jour / Diving computer for the training period by day

10,00€ / jour  


Une caution de 200€  par article vous sera demandée pour toute location. / A deposit of € 200 per item will be required for any rental.


Camping CAP / 

Par personne et par nuitée / Per person and per night 4,30€

Pour les enfants de moins de 7 ans, par enfant et par nuitée / For children under 7 years old, per child per night

Par jour pour l’emplacement (tente, caravane, camping-car) / Per day for the location (tent, caravan, camper) 5,10€
Branchement électrique, par jour (facultatif) / Electrical connection, per day (optional) 4,00€
Taxe de séjour (18 ans et + - du 1er avril au 30 septembre – par nuitée et par personne) / Tourist tax (18 years and over - from April 1st to September 30th - per night and per person) 0,20€

Hébergement Bungalow / Bungalow

Par personne et par nuitée / Per person and per night  23,00€ 

Ménage obligatoire par personne et par nuitée                                                  Mandatory cleaning per person per night

Bungalow entier week-end ou à la semaine / Whole Bungalow Weekend or Weekly nous consulter
Taxe de séjour (18 ans et + - du 1er avril au 30 septembre – par nuitée et par personne) / Tourist tax (18 years and over - from April 1st to September 30th - per night and per person) 0,20€

Une caution de 200 € vous sera demandée.  A deposit of 200 € will be required.

In case of cancellation, you must notify the C.A.P. Diving Centre as soon as possible and send  as soon as possible a medical certificate, work stoppage or any documents justifying the care you have received.

In case of abandonment during the internship, the full amount will be retained at the Center and in no case the paid amount will be refunded and participation to another training cession shall be booked at the normal price.

Calendar et Online booking/registration

To register, click on the title of the training session and click on the appropriate button Button event registration

Payment is by check, there is no payment online.

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For any other enquiry,  you can contact our secretary : Contact Secretary