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For your safety and comfort, dive Nitrox


You usually dive in the air, change! dive NITROX!

NITROX is a gas mixture enriched with oxygen, 32%, 40% ... which is for everyone and has many advantages:

  • Reduced Time To Surface
  • Reduction of consumption,
  • Decrease of fatigue

The CAP Diving Centre is equipped with a NITROX diaphragm compressor guaranteeing you perfect control of the mixture and oxygen analyzers allowing you to measure the percentage of oxygen in your bottle.

Training divers and Nitrox Instructors, on demand whenever you want.

We set up training courses FFESSM, NITROX elementary and NITROX confirmed: Technical training manual FFESSM: Nitrox

You can take these courses as part of your recreational dives or federal training. These courses are set up on request from mid-March to mid-November.

Nitrox recreational dives

Hold a basic or confirmed NITROX diver certificate, do your NITROX dives for a small fee.

Nitrox élémentaire (2 plongées +théorie)

Basic Nitrox (2 dives +theory)


Nitrox élémentaire pendant un stage

Basic Nitrox in association with a scuba diving training course


Nitrox confirmé (4 plongées + théorie)

Advanced Nitrox (4 dives +theory)


Nitrox confirmé pendant un stage

Advanced Nitrox in association with a scuba diving training course


matériel de plongée non fourni sauf le bloc /diving equipment not provided except the tank

activité avec licence et adhésion CAP obligatoire / activity with license and compulsory CAP membership

Calendar, booking and registration

All Nitrox Dives and Nitrox training are delivered on demand

Contact CAP Diving Centre Reception for any enquiry and booking : Contact reception