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Federal Instructor 2nd degree (MF2/E4)

A Federal Instructor 2nd degree (MF2 or E4) is a trainer of the instructors of the F.F.E.S.S.M. These prerequisites are described in the french code of sport whose essential extracts are on the site of the FFESSM National Technical Commission.

Based on an in-depth knowledge of scuba diving in its theoretical, practical and pedagogical aspects, it is specially trained to learn how to teach dives to E1 or E2 initiators, 1st degree Federal Instructors (E3) or french state diplomas.


Technical Training Manual (French only)  :  Federal Instructor 2nd degree - MF2 - E4

Training aFederal Instructor 2nd degree (MF2/E4) takes an average of one year and is divided into three parts:

1) An initial internship, mandatory.

This course, composed mainly of theoretical contributions and educational contributions, takes place only in the classroom.

2) A sustained personal work

A sustained personal work, punctuated with weekends organized at regional or departmental level.

3) A final internship

A final course of one week, followed by the exam, which also lasts a week. This part is organized at the national level, by the National Technical Commission (CTN)

With its facilities (Classrooms, boats, inflating station, Nitrox, audio-visual means, WiFi internet access, etc.) of the variety of these dive spots (Rare are the regions that offer access to areas of 50 meters to four minutes from the boarding area), the number and the quality of the players involved, the CAP Diving Center is able to provide all MF2 training.

Thus, on behalf of the CTN, the CAP organizes, every two years, ie odd years, preparatory week-ends, an initial internship in October or November, then a final internship followed by the exam, end of July or beginning of August.


The schedule of these courses is available on the CTR website : icons8 marche 50 CTR web site

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