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Instructor 1st degree (E3)

The 1st degree federal instructor allows you to supervise to a depth of 40 m and to train divers whatever their level up to a depth of 40 m as defined in the French Code of Sport whose essential extracts are on the website of the National Technical Commission of the FFESSM.

In addition, within our federation, you will be able to:

  • Sign dive logs.
  • Validate the level 1 to 3 diver certification tests as well as the PA20, PA40, PE40 and PE60 qualifications.
  • Sign the abilities of the candidates for the Dive Master Training Program
  • Validate Diving Director qualifications for Recreational Diving.
  • Assume the duties of Diving Director

Technical Training Manual (French only) :  Instructor 1st degree (E3)

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Federal Instructor 2nd degree (MF2/E4)

A Federal Instructor 2nd degree (MF2 or E4) is a trainer of the instructors of the F.F.E.S.S.M. These prerequisites are described in the french code of sport whose essential extracts are on the site of the FFESSM National Technical Commission.

Based on an in-depth knowledge of scuba diving in its theoretical, practical and pedagogical aspects, it is specially trained to learn how to teach dives to E1 or E2 initiators, 1st degree Federal Instructors (E3) or french state diplomas.


Technical Training Manual (French only)  :  Federal Instructor 2nd degree - MF2 - E4

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