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Rand'eau Palmée - Fins' Promenade


A true aquatic promenade

Snorkeling you knew? From the age of 8 years (swimming Mastery recommended), our instructors offer the discovery of the underwater fauna and flora, the time (1 hour) of a water ride to the sea. palm along our shores.

Equiped with a combination, a set "fins, mask and snorkel", and you will observe from the surface with our guide, the richness of an underwater trail. And besides, it's easy! No heavy equipment to wear and everything goes on the surface.

The aquatic or webbed hike, or snorkeling, allows a sporting approach while being accessible to all, fun but informative and ecological of the underwater world. Supervised by an instructor and equipped with fins, mask, snorkel and wetsuit, in small group or family, you will discover the treasures and unsuspected treasures of shallow depths.

Conditions: Age: 8 years old - non-compulsory medical certificate - parental authorization for young people under 18 years old

What can we cross underwater?

Whether on the sand, in the seagrass or on the rock, you will observe many plant and animal species:

  • Aphysies
  • pipefish,
  • Flatfish: Plies, Soles, ...
  • Groundfish: Red mullet, Perlon (juvenile) gurnard, Dragonet, Goby sand, Athérines
  • Fish full of water: Yellow places, Sand lance
  • Mollusks: scallops, cuttlefish
  • Spirographs, Sabelles
  • Crustaceans: Bernard-L'ermite, Green Crabs, Etrilles, Crabs, Spiders of the Sea, and Breton Blue Lobster for the lucky ones!
  • laminaria
  • Sponges,
  • squirts,
  • Cnidarians (Green Anemones),
  • Anemones tomatoes,
  • Strawberry anemones.

Price List

Randonnée aquatique : Individuel (à partir de 8 ans)

Snorkelling Hiking : Individual, 8 years onward


 activité sans licence et adhésion CAP obligatoire 4,50€  à ajouter au prix du stage

activity without license and compulsory CAP membership 4,50€ to be added to the course price

Tarif de l'adhésion à l'association CAP / Price of membership in the association

Le C.A.P. est une Association régie par la loi de 1901.                                   

L’adhésion est de ce fait obligatoire. Elle est par personne et par an de :

The CAP Diving Centre is a non-profit organisation according by the french law of 1901.

Membership is therefore mandatory. Per person per year                                                                                    


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