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Discovery Package

Dare your very first son' kicks !

The discovery package offers the opportunity, from the age of 8, to learn the activities of scuba diving and water hiking or promenade with fins, mask and snorkel.

This formula on 3 sessions (2 discovery scuba dives and a water promenade with fins, mask and snorkel) is ideal if you hesitate to embark on a federal training or not yet the age to do it!

Without license and medical examination, come and enjoy yourself, guided by an instructor, in a depth of 6 m maximum.

It offers the opportunity to discover the underwater environment before embarking on a qualification and training course.

It allows to discover in a playful way, without medical examination, without license, the underwater world with for objective the pleasure of the sensations and the discovery.

Rate for this course ( 2 discovery scuba dives +  a  water promenade) is 148 €. All diving equipment is provided at CAP Diving Centre and at the diving spot.

Calendar and registration

Tarifs Pack découverte / Discovery Pack Prices

Pack découverte (à partir de 8 ans) / Discovery Pack (from 8 years'old)

3 séances (2 bouteille et 1 randonnée palmée / 3 sessions (2 tank and 1 snorkeling


activité sans licence et adhésion CAP obligatoire 4,50€  à ajouter au prix du stage

activity without license and compulsory CAP membership 4,50€ to be added to the course price


Tarif de l'adhésion à l'association CAP / Price of membership in the association

Le C.A.P. est une Association régie par la loi de 1901.                                   

L’adhésion est de ce fait obligatoire. Elle est par personne et par an de :

The CAP Diving Centre is a non-profit organisation according by the french law of 1901.

Membership is therefore mandatory. Per person per year                                                                                    


The discovery pack takes place over 3 sessions spread over 3 half-days:


To register, click on the title of the training session and click on the appropriate button Button event registration

Payment is by check, there is no payment online.

Download a parental autorisation for Minors : parental autorisation

You need more details by emailing or calling the secretariat: Contact