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Bronze Scuba Diver

The sailors of the diving!

CAP Diving Centre proposes 3 scuba diving certifications for younger scuba divers from 8 to 13 years old,  : Bronze, Silver and Gold. In addition, their mastery at sea is recognized by obtaining 3 qualifications (boat 1, boat 2 and Boyancy Compensator).

None of these certifications correspond to an examination. They are obtained the gradual acquisition of the different skills needed.

Bronze Scuba Diver

The purpose of this training is to familiarize the child with the diving equipment, to teach him the basic actions that will allow him to move safely underwater with or without a scuba without standing at the monitor, to communicate under the water, to evolve at sea safely in 6 meters of water under the supervision of a Dive Master

The child learns to use a snorkel, to balance his ears, to empty his mask if there is a few water in it and to breathe properly under water.

Price List

Tarifs Stage plongeur bronze / Bronze Diver training course Rate

matériel à disposition avec bloc / material available with thank

Stage plongeur bronze ( 4 plongées – non inclus la licence FFESSM : 15€ et l'adhésion au CAP : 4,50€)

Bronze Diver training course ( 4 dives not included FFESSM license 15€ and membership of CAP: 4,50€)


Activité avec licence (15€) et adhésion (4,50€)  obligatoire à ajouter au prix du stage 

Activity with license (15€) and compulsory membership (4,50€) to be added to the course price

Tarif de l'adhésion à l'association CAP / Price of membership in the association

Le C.A.P. est une Association régie par la loi de 1901.                                   

L’adhésion est de ce fait obligatoire. Elle est par personne et par an de :

The CAP Diving Centre is a non-profit organisation according by the french law of 1901.

Membership is therefore mandatory. Per person per year                                                                                    


Calendar and registration/Booling

The Bronze Scuba Diver training program runs over 4 afternoon sessions :

To register, click on the title of the training session and click on the appropriate button Button event registration

Payment is by check, there is no payment online.

Download a parental autorisation for Minors : parental autorisation

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